Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Toby's Adoption Announcement

So sorry for my absence in this space lately.  There has been a lot going on.  I can't wait to fill you all in.  But for now, I wanted to share this with you.


Toby's story is so special.

I knew we needed something special to send to our friends and family and all of the people who supported us on our journey to bring him home.

When it came to picking out his adoption announcement, I knew exactly where to go.

TinyPrints has a amazing assortment of announcements.  And I love that they have such a large number of adoption announcements.

I chose this one for Toby's announcement.

It is simple yet stylish.  And I love that it had a space for all the important information but also had spaces for us to personalize.  The back is also blank so I used it to write thank you notes for all of the gifts we received.

Look at that sweet face!  I just can't get enough of it.

I'm so glad we ordered these.  

You should check out TinyPrints if you need any announcements or invitations.  I am seriously a huge fan of their work.

Monday, June 30, 2014

3 Things {The Story of Us}

Last week I posted this picture and wrote about how I am trying to cultivate an attitude of contentment in my home.  

I'm honestly trying to be thankful for what I do have and not constantly looking at what I don't have.  
And truthfully, it's been a little hard.  It's really easy to notice the things you don't have.  We're bombarded with a list every time we log into Pinterest, Facebook or turn on the television.


But stopping and looking around takes time.  It takes effort.  I think because we are so used to looking past the things that are right in front of us.

This week, these are the things I am choosing to love about my home.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toby's Adoption Story {Part III}

To be honest this entire story should be called “Look What God Did in 16 Days!”.
Honestly.  But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.
Picking up from Part II of the story finds us waiting in Maryland.  We had already signed papers to take placement of this little cutie and we just needed to let the ICPC process start to work and then we could leave for Florida to pick him up.
God had already provided, through a loan from a friend, all the money that we needed for Toby’s placement.  We would need to pay them back but we honestly weren't worried about that at the moment.
Read more here

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Keeping Up With Glory in the Valley

I love the internet.  I love keeping in touch with people.  It makes the world smaller.

Wondering how you can keep up with me?

Here is where you can find me:

Facebook- I update Facebook every time I write a new post.  I also post other little things I find around the internet like this new website I found

Monday, June 16, 2014

3 Things {The Story of Us}

I saw this quote on Instagram today and it totally sums up my thoughts on my house right now.

I love Pinterest.  I really do.

But I've noticed that I spend a lot of time (or waste a lot of time) on Pinterest looking at other people's houses.  Dreaming of having a kitchen like hers.  Or a walk-in closet like that.  Or a library with a ladder like that one.  Or even just having a house as clean as hers.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

To You (the man in a couple struggling with Infertility) on Father's Day

I want to speak to the men for a minute.  This blog is mostly geared towards women but today I want to speak to the men.

I know this weekend has to be hard on you.  Not because you are an emotional creature like your wife. You won't be crying at the Father's Day cards.  You probably won't even bat an eye during your church's Father's Day service.

But your wife will.

Friday, June 13, 2014

21 DIY Gifts for Babies and Toddlers {A Glory in the Valley Classic}

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I love Vintage.  I love old things.  {Did I ever tell you that my entire wardrobe my senior year of high school came from the thrift store?  I'm talking bell bottoms and polyester shirts.  Oh yeah!}

I love bringing back old things.  The great thing about old things, especially well made old things, is that they last.  They may look dated but they still have purpose.

Today I'm reposting {well actually repurposing, which I'll explain in a minute} an old Glory in the Valley post.  I actually think this post first appeared when my blog was called My Life His Mission.

It's from July of 2011.  I was looking back through my old posts and this post is my most viewed post of all time.  Actually, as of writing this, it's been viewed over 19,000 times.  {Okay so that kind of blew me away.}

Anyway, when I was looking back over it, I realized some errors and I realized that I needed to update it.  Some of the links didn't work anymore and actually one of the links directed you to Bono's NAACP speech.  (It's a great speech, but it has nothing to do with DIY Gifts for Babies and Toddlers.)  We'll just chalk that one up to being an inexperienced blogger :)

I've revamped the graphic and made this information a little easier to navigate.

The ultimate goal of this post is to inspire you to create some awesome gifts for those little ones in your life.  I'm actually glad I dug this one out of the vault because it's given me some inspiration for some little ones I know.  Most of these projects can be completed by someone with little to no craftiness.  Some of these projects your husband can help you with.  One thing is for sure- any little one would love any of these.  So I hope this helps when you are preparing for your next birthday party or stressing over your Christmas list.

To find the tutorials or where to buy each gift idea just click on the links below.

13.  Black Apple Doll  14.  Molded Crayons  15.  Dragon Tails  16.  Camera Softie  17.  Mermaid Tail  18.  Lego Table               19.  Whale Softie  20.  Peg People  21.  The Shirt Onesie

So there you have it.  A better version of my most read post ever!  Wow.  I hope that these ideas inspire you to save your wallet and get a little creative this summer to make a gift for that special little person in your life.