Monday, June 16, 2014

3 Things {The Story of Us}

I saw this quote on Instagram today and it totally sums up my thoughts on my house right now.

I love Pinterest.  I really do.

But I've noticed that I spend a lot of time (or waste a lot of time) on Pinterest looking at other people's houses.  Dreaming of having a kitchen like hers.  Or a walk-in closet like that.  Or a library with a ladder like that one.  Or even just having a house as clean as hers.

I'm not here to make any grand judgements about Pinterest or about the people who pin things or post things that other people pin.  {Heck, this is going to be pinned on Pinterest, so trust me that this is not an indictment against Pinterest}.

It's just a little reminder to me that I need to stop looking for that next project.

You know, the one.

The project to end all projects.

I'm a project addict.

It's a sickness.

But I think I've found a cure.  Or at least something to treat the symptoms.

When I look at Pinterest, I get dissatisfied because my house doesn't look like hers.  My clothes don't look like that.  I can't make that.  That's not in my budget.

This summer I'm going to challenge myself to find 3 things every week that I love about my house.  In an effort to live a more authentic life, I want to really love the things that are around me.  I want to love them because they are mine and because they tell a story, not because they are new and trendy and because they look great on Pinterest.

This is not the cure.  It's just simply a way for me to not be so dissatisfied.

My house is fine.  It's four walls with a roof and plenty of space for this little family.

And our furniture is fine.  It works.  We have plenty of it.  It may not be the latest color but it's paid for.

Our dishes, our wall colors are fine.

And everything, our house, our furniture, our dishes, our walls are ours and they all are a part of our story.  They tell the story of us.

I need to speak those words over and over to myself again this summer.

So I'm listing 3 things here that I currently l.o.v.e about my house.

These 3 things all happen to be things that are hanging on my walls.

In my living room- This little saying I screen printed on a vintage pillowcase and then stuck in this frame and this print that I got from here.  The little embroidery is Alivea's work of art.  And the patchwork is the top of a quilt that I cut up and put in that embroidery hoop.  Oh and that little church came from my trip to Brazil a few years ago.

In Alivea's room- My friend gave us this print when we brought Toby home.  I just love it.  And that little cross was mine as a little girl.  The little bunting is one of the first things I learned to knit.

At my desk- my friend made this chalkboard canvas for me a few years ago.  I've not gotten much use out of it until recently when I added it to my desk.  It now holds my prayer list.  I love keeping these names close to me during the day.

These 3 things.

They're not much but they're mine.

And they tell my story.


  1. I think that's a great idea to find the things you love in your home Kerry! Having moved across the ocean twice now and having had to makw decisions about leaving things behind, I can relate to the pinterest envy thing. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    1. Thank you so much for reading Sadie. I appreciate it.