Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BLOOM quilt

I've had this one thing on my must do list for so long.  We re-did Alivea's room this summer and this was the one thing missing.

I used this pattern from V & Co.  I did change a few things but overall, I am so happy with the outcome.  I love the bright colors and how they really change her room.  Oh, and see that rug in the picture.  I got it at Rose's for ten bucks (awesome, huh?). 

I love the ombre design and I love the variety of colors.  It will really help in the future if she ever changes her mind about what color she wants her room to be.  

I can't stop looking at this quilt.  I felt like a little kid carrying it all over during the Christmas holiday.  I just had to show it to my parents, my sister, my grandmothers, my mother-in-law.  I couldn't help it.  Finishing a quilt was kind of one of those things I always wanted to do but wasn't really sure if I could.  Well, now I know.

And I can't wait to get started on my next one.  I'm actually thinking about making a few more and auctioning them off to raise money for our adoption.

What about you?  Is there anything you want to do but haven't gotten around to yet?  


  1. oh this is just gorgeous! i bet she loves it. and i can see why you can't stop looking at it....I love love love love all those colors!!! love the auction idea... i'd bid!

    1. Thanks so much Andie. You are too kind. And thanks for the encouragement about the auction idea.

  2. that quilt is just beautiful, kerry!!

  3. You're so talented! It's a beautiful quilt :) I'm a total newbie to your blog, brought by the Influence net (the Instagram Feed Thread), so I wanted to pop my head in and say "Hi!". I've only been able to read 4 or 5 posts so far, but will definitely be coming back to absorb some more!